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What do I do now that I'm Divorced?

Posted by Christopher Holwell | Jan 05, 2018 | 0 Comments

What do I do now that I'm Divorced? This is a very common question we receive from our clients. "What do I do now?" Number 1: We provide a fairly comprehensive list to our clients (see below) of actions they should take. Save a copy of your Final Judgment, Settlement Agreement, and Allocation of Parental Responsibility in a safe place. If you have an Allocation of Parental Responsibility, you will need to refer back to it often to remember the timesharing schedules and other important details. Change your estate planning documents. If you previously had a Will appointing your former spouse as personal representative or beneficiary, you may want to have it amended. Our office will give you a referral to an estate planning attorney if necessary. Meet with your Financial Planner to reassess your financial needs and how your financial plan should be modified to better match your needs. Change the beneficiary on any life insurance policies. If necessary, change the titles on assets like your home and cars. If necessary, you may need to insure your car and home in your name only; you will want to contact your insurance agent. Take care of closing all joint bank and credit card accounts. Obtain individual auto, rental and health insurance. If your name has been legally changed, you will need to request a new Social Security Card, driver’s license, and passport. You will also need to change your name on all bank and credit card accounts, and notify your children’s school. Keep records of all alimony and child support payments paid or received. Also, record payments for extracurricular and uncovered medical expenses. Keep a log of any future incidents involving the children. You may also want to schedule appointments with a counselor, therapist or other professional to help you transition. Our office will give you a referral to professionals who specialize in therapy and family counseling. Number 2: If you don't already, exercise. Crossfit, Orange Theory, Lifetime, etc. Do classes (or get a coach/personal trainer) so someone else will work you through. Don't workout alone; that's not the point. It's been proven that exercise does the following to your body: It helps normalize your glucose, insulin, and leptin levels by optimizing insulin/leptin receptor sensitivity Exercise-improved insulin/leptin receptor sensitivity is perhaps the most important factor for optimizing your overall health and preventing chronic disease Exercise also encourages your brain to work at optimum capacity by causing your nerve cells to multiply, strengthening their interconnections, and protecting them from damage Unexpected side effects of exercise include improved sexual function, changes in gene expression, clearer skin, and improved mood and sleep Research shows that the “secret” to increased productivity and happiness on any given day is a long-term investment in regular exercise, and a little each day appears to go further than a lot once or twice a week So in short, exercise makes you feel better, look better, sleep better and helps prevent chronic disease. It's a good place to start.

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