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Lollapalooza Dos and Don'ts

Posted by Gina Colaluca | Aug 02, 2017 | 0 Comments

Lollapalooza kicks off tomorrow, August 3rd! By now you're probably on your way home from work, wondering what, if anything, you should bring with you tomorrow and what the four day music fest will bring. Here are some of my tips for what to bring and what to do, and more importantly, what not to bring and what not do.


~Register/Activate your wristband online prior to getting to the festival. This ensures that no one can steal your wristband from you.

~Drink plenty of water at the festival. It's important to stay hydrated even if it isn't that hot out. You are allowed to bring in up to two factory sealed bottles of water up to 1 liter each, or an empty water bottle, like a camelback, up to 36 oz. There are free water filling stations scattered throughout the park.

~Bring/Pack a small bag. This one is controversial. Some articles are recommending folks not bring a bag with them because this will ensure you get into the festival quicker (there are no bag express lines that get you in quicker) or you will have to carry it around all day. However, you are going to be at the festival all day (possibly many days), and I promise you there will be things you will want with you during that time. I have a small, waterproof, foldable backpack that works perfect and isn't an inconvenience to carry. A drawstring backpack will do as well. If you don't have one, they're selling them for $3.00 at the Lollapalooza pop up shop at 129 N. Wabash.

~Bring a lightweight blanket to sit on. I usually pack an old sheet that I don't care much about anymore. It's super light to carry, can be folded up tightly so it doesn't take up too much space in my bag, and I don't care if it gets dirty or otherwise ruined.

~Bring suntan lotion. A lot of it. Only bring lotion, no spray bottles allowed.

~Bring toilet paper. You'll thank me later.

~Bring some kind of wipes (wet ones, body wipes, even baby wipes will do). This is another one you'll thank me for later.

~Bring a poncho. Currently, the weather is calling for scattered thunderstorms on Thursday and some rain on Sunday morning. Provided the weather isn't severe, the shows will go on rain or shine! You don't want to be in wet clothes for the rest of the day or miss out on that band you wanted to see!

~Bring a back-up battery for your phone if you have one, and make sure it is fully charged. In the past, Lollapalooza has only had free charging stations available to users of Samsung devices, not IPhones or other devices. I'm hoping that will change this year, and free charging stations will be available to all festival goers.

~Bring a small, travel first aid kit. Places like Target and Walgreens sell mini first aid kits for around $1.00, which can usually be found in the travel toiletries section. Although there are plenty of first aid tents around the festival, if you have a simple scrape you won't want to stop enjoying the festival to get that treated at the first aid tent. Just have a few Band-Aids and some antiseptic wipes handy!

~Eat all the food. There's a lot of great junk food, but there's some healthier options too. If you're anything like me, you'll be running from act to act in order to see as many bands as possible throughout the day. However, remember to make time to eat lunch and dinner. You'll be there all day and will need the energy!

~If you have any medication you need to bring, bring it in the prescription bottle so there will be no questions it is your prescription.

~Hit up the Lollapalooza Pop Up Shop at 129 N. Wabash. Although there is a shop inside the festival, it is crowded and sometimes they won't let you in if you have a bag. Plus, if you go to the pop up shop, you can get your Lolla swag in time to wear it to the festival!

~Get to the festival early and check out the undercard, even if you don't know any of the bands. Some of the bands I'm excited to see on Friday and Saturday include punk rock band PUP,  pop artist Flint Eastwood, and hard rock band The Pretty Reckless. Here's an article from the Chicago Tribune that lists a few more notable acts to see:


~Bring any aerosol or spray sun tan lotions, buy spray, etc. No spray bottles are allowed and will be confiscated!

~Bring any professional video/audio cameras or equipment. You will be asked to take them back to your car.

~Bring outside food or beverages, other than water. They will be confiscated at security if found.

~Bring an umbrella. Last year I was able to get into the festival with a smaller umbrella, but umbrellas of any kind appear to be on the prohibited list this year. If you must have one, bring a smaller, cheaper umbrella you don't care about if it gets confiscated. Otherwise, play it safe and bring a poncho.

~Most of these go without saying, but don't bring in any weapons, fireworks, pets, bikes, etc. You'll be turned away at security.

~Drive to the festival. Most of the roads are closed downtown and it will be a nightmare to get back home. 

~Spend all day at one stage or one tent. Get out there and enjoy the festival! In addition to musical acts there are plenty of vendors and other events to check out. 

 If you need more information about the festival, check out the festival's website here:

 Enjoy the festival!

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