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A lawyer with a heart

After having hired a previous lawyer to handle my case regarding parenting time and a dispute with child support, having felt taken advantage of by said lawyer, I desperately was in need of a honest and competent lawyer to finalize this ordeal. I was lucky to find Attorney Gina Colaluca who was able to help me in a time of actual despair, very efficiently, much more reasonable in the way she was charging me and very importantly with the human touch, she actually called me a few times to ask about my well being concerning the situation in the court battle, with the ending results I'm happy to say I finally got joint custody for my child. Thank you Gina for your hard work, I'm very grateful for your service.

– Oscar

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We are here to help you with your Divorce or Family Law Case. Our attorneys provide free consultations by telephone or in person. Call us to schedule your consultation. After hour and weekend consultations are available.

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Whether it’s your Divorce, Family Law or other matter, our attorneys are available to guide you through the legal procedure every step of the way. Our experience is here to assist you for the best outcome.

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