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We can help you with your divorce, bankruptcy or insurance matter. Call or chat with one of our attorneys today!

As one of Chicago's premier law firms, Holwell Law Group, LLC. concentrates in the area of Family Law Litigation (Divorce, Maintenance, Allocation of Parental Responsibility,) Insurance Coverage Litigation and Bankruptcy.

As our client, you decide with our full guidance the type and style of legal assistance you desire. if you are looking for an easy, collaborative divorce or have a case that just won't end and you need aggressive, assertive counsel to have your back, we are here for you.

We offer standard hourly fees and flat fees. Call for information. (312) 648-6115.

Free Consultations

We are here to help you with your Divorce or Family Law Case. Our attorneys provide free consultations by telephone or in person. Call us to schedule your consultation. After hour and weekend consultations are available.

Every Client Matters

Whether it’s your Divorce, Family Law or other matter, our attorneys are available to guide you through the legal procedure every step of the way. Our experience is here to assist you for the best outcome.

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