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Can Just Looking at Online Dating Apps Ruin Your Marriage?

Posted by Christopher Holwell | Jun 28, 2018 | 0 Comments

Can Just Looking at Online Dating Apps Ruin Your Marriage? We are in the "swipe" right or left age. Being able to order carry-out is wonderful especially from your iPhone app. But, today we now can order the superficially "perfect" date with just a swipe on our phones. Being a divorce litigation attorney, I've had my share of clients had me a stack of printed out screenshots of their partners social-media activity. While Facebook used to be a large source of incriminating photo and conversations, Tinder, for now, has taken the lead. More people call about their spouses browsing dating apps. It's not just husbands either. In a recent consultation, the husband suspected something was happening with his wife based upon her Facebook activity. While the couple routinely was on social media, husband notices the app his wife was swiping. When he confronted her, she admitted to downloading the app because her friends were using the app and that she just wanted to see what it was all about. She claims to have never met anyone from any website and husband believed her. In his mind although, the trust was no longer there. People do this behind their partner's back for many reasons; boredom, needing positive affirmation or after a fight. It becomes "sneaky" and as a result, we are seeing so many people having trouble. Not everyone is looking to cheat, but it is still perceived as cheating. While cheating is nothing new, apps like Tinder, Hinge, POF and Bumble can be a real relationship hazards. Estimates show that four in ten people in relationships use Tinder. There's a good chance that someone you know is using one of these apps. Other clients have told us that friends reached out to them to say they saw their profile. Others have said they received angry phone calls from the bitter spouse of a left-swipe warning them to stay away! A little online research can turn up a ton of personal information and phone numbers! Once your spouse finds out, it could be the end. So, before you start downloading any new apps, think about what you really are getting. (312) 648-6115

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